Morning News Anchor Blatantly Leers Over Reporter in a Bikini


It ain’t easy being a reporter for a local news morning show. You’re constantly dispatched to cat fashion shows and cheese festivals and water park openings. And that’s without a colleague like Good Day New York anchor Greg Kelly acting like a total skeeve.

As you can see in this clip by Mediate (via BuzzFeed), Fox 5 reporter Anna Gilligan gamely donned a swimsuit and ventured out to the reopening of New Jersey’s Action Park, where she flung herself into a pool via rope swing—on live television, no less. (This despite the park’s terrible pre-revamp reputation and former nickname of “Traction Park.”)

For this feat of professionalism, she was rewarded with a string of leering remarks from Greg Kelly. As she climbed out of the water and attempted to deliver useful information such as park hours for Fox 5’s viewers, Kelly cut in: “First of all, nice bathing suit.”

“Greg, stay appropriate,” chided his long-suffering co-anchor Rosanna Scotto, adding, “Anna, you looked great and you handled that beautifully. I’m just trying to keep Greg in check.”

But Kelly would not be squelched: “Why are you so out of breath?” he demanded, and when Gilligan attempted to end the segment to put on some clothes, he insisted, “Hold on a second, not so fast!” and tried to drag it out with stupid questions. “I just want to talk to her a little longer!” he insisted as Scotto scolded him playfully. “Stop milking the shot.” Oh, you rakish news anchors and your shenanigans! What a bunch of scamps!

Believe it or not, it’s even grosser in actual video form. It’s not like he just let one inappropriate remark slip out; it dominates the entire segment. The cameraman finally ended everyone’s torment by cutting away from Gilligan for a shot of a swimming pool, like a pro. Thumbs up, anonymous cameraman.

If you recognize but just can’t quite place the name, Greg Kelly’s dad is former NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly. The tabloids lost their shit when he was accused of rape in 2012, though the district attorney declined to prosecute. Just last month his accuser told her story to BuzzFeed.

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