Mother of Maryland Road Baby Identified


Probably the only thing worse than abandoning your child by the side of the road is the Mt. Everest-level mountain of guilt you would feel having to call the police and be like, “Oh, whoops, that’s on me.”

Authorities found a 3-month-old girl in a scuffed carrier with a diaper bag on the side of a residential road in Pasadena, Maryland a little before midnight on July 4. Early Sunday morning, the Anne Arundel County Police released a photo of the baby on social media, along with the question, “Do you know the parent of this baby?” After the photo had been shared over 27,000 times on Facebook, the baby’s mother (who has not been publicly identified) finally came forward.

Still, this lady’s story does not totally check out. From CNN:

But many more questions remained that [Lieutenant T.J. Smith] enumerated in the news conference:
— How did the baby get there?
—Was the baby tossed out of a vehicle?
—Was foul play involved?
—Who was the infant supposed to be with last night?
—Was the infant in the custody of the mother when this occurred?
—Did other criminal activities precede this incident?

All good questions to which Smith did not know the answers.

“We need to make sure there wasn’t any foul play involved, and that this person wasn’t a victim of a crime herself… We’re trying to figure that out,” Smith said. “You can’t leave a 2-to-3-month-old on the side of the road. End of story. So it would be serious charges if we got to a point where we found out someone did that on purpose.”

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