Movie Critics Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Reportedly Walked Out of Vice 


Did you know that while you were eating ham and talking to your cousin Kevin about passing the final part of his CPA exam, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were reportedly watching Vice in Palm Beach and then abruptly walking out? Everyone celebrates the holidays in their own way, which is beautiful.

From People:

During one outing around Christmas, Ivanka and Kushner went to a West Palm Beach theater for a showing of Adam McKay’s acidic retelling of the life and rise of Cheney, a former vice president and tremendously consequential figure in the political party that Ivanka’s father now leads.
Partway through the showing, she and Kushner and their Secret Service detail got up and left, a witness tells PEOPLE.
It remains unclear what prompted the exit, though the witness describes it as abrupt.

Vanity Fair, in a follow up, still couldn’t confirm the reason for their apparent exit. So why did they leave? Because they are so bad? Because Vice, while a commendable effort to persuade old white people that Dick Cheney is a war criminal, also presented its subject as a kind of singular, Terminator-style figure who, had he been thwarted by early death, may have saved our country from its many current crises, which is a nice story to tell yourself about how we got here but is not great analysis? Because Jared had an appointment to whiten his strange baby teeth? Please guess in the comments.

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