Hollywood's Leading Men Star in Powerful PSA About Sexual Assault


After a lengthy speech Tuesday by Vice President Joe Biden, the White House introduced their new PSA about sexual assault starring Daniel Craig, Benicio del Toro, Steve Carell, Seth Meyers and Dulé Hill, as well as the President and Vice President.

The PSA is the second from the Obama administration’s 1 is 2 Many campaign; the last video featured famous athletes like Eli Manning, Jeremy Lin and David Beckham. It’s pegged to their just-released report on college sexual assault. Like the report, the PSA overwhelming focuses on violence against women specifically.

During his speech, Biden spoke very forcefully about sexual assault, an issue he’s been strongly tied to since the 90s due to his work drafting the Violence Against Women Act. “College and Universities can no longer turn a blind eye and pretend rape and sexual assault doesn’t occur on their campuses,” Biden said before playing the PSA. “I understand that the good guys in the report, they may feel like they’re damaging the reputations of their schools, I get it. But it doesn’t matter.”

Of the PSA, Biden said he personally made phone calls to get these famous faces involved. As was the case with the original 1 is 2 Many campaign, the Obama administration hopes they will inspire other less famous men to care about sexual assault.

“I’m not used to making calls to big old movie stars,” Biden said. “But I called them. And every one of them said immediately, ‘What can I do?'”

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