Nation Going Bonkers Over President Covidina

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Nation Going Bonkers Over President Covidina
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Just after midnight on Friday, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York star Donald Trump announced that he had tested positive for covid-19, and things have been truly nutsoramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ever since.

Last we heard, the erstwhile actor-turned-reality TV host of NBC’s The Apprentice—who, in recent years, transitioned into national politics as the 45th president of the United States—is being treated at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., where he’s been hospitalized since Friday evening. In terms of treatment, he’s begun a five-day course of antiviral drug remdesivir, the Associated Press reports, and he took a single dose of a drug that Regeneron Pharmaceuticals have been testing to supply antibodies to his system.

Trump’s doctors said on Saturday afternoon that he’s “in exceptionally good spirits” and has been “fever-free for 24 hours,” per the AP, but were vague about whether or not he had needed supplemental oxygen at any point, which would indicate that his diagnosis is more concerning than the White House is letting on. “Thursday no oxygen,” Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley said on Saturday afternoon. “None at this moment. And yesterday with the team, while we were all here, he was not on oxygen.”

But that’s a fuckin’ lie, an anonymous source told the AP. Trump was administered supplemental oxygen before being transported to Walter Reed on Friday. Plus, consider the fact that remdesivir is usually only used for moderately to severely ill patients.

Oh!! And then there’s this really juicy bit of info from The New York Times:

Shortly after the upbeat briefing by the doctors, a person familiar with the president’s health gave a more sober assessment to reporters at Walter Reed on the condition of anonymity. ‘The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care,’ this person said. ‘We’re still not on a clear path to a full recovery.’

He also had trouble breathing on Friday, an anonymous source told the Times. Will the p-word d-word? Stay tuned!

  • Speaking of all this shit, Conley also told reporters on Saturday that Trump was diagnosed 72 hours ago, which would mean he found out he had covid on Wednesday………which would mean that he knew he had covid during the fundraiser he went to on Thursday along with hundreds of other people. Again………stay tuned! [TMZ]
  • Area woman Kellyanne Conway, mother of acclaimed viral TikTok star Claudia Conway who attended the apparent super-spreader event that was Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination announcement at the White House Rose Garden last Sunday, has tested positive for covid. [Vulture]
  • One-time Cake Boss guest star Chris Christie, who helped Trump prep for last Tuesday’s debate, also has covid. [CNN]
  • Three Republican senators have it, too???? [CNN]
  • The long-dead Bulgarian prophetess Baba Vanga, who purportedly predicted 9/11, apparently foresaw that the 45th American president would suffer from “a mysterious illness” in 2020 that would leave him blind and with a brain tumor. [Daily Star]
  • Kanye West says he’s “praying for President Trump’s and Melania’s full recovery.” Hope they see this, bro! [Hollywood Life]
  • Remember how everyone spent the first half of the decade celebrating Betty White because we all thought she was gonna die? And then she didn’t, and now no one cares? Just thinking about this.
  • Shawn Mendes says he hasn’t seen girlfriend Camila Cabello in a month. Pray for this definitely real relationship! [Glamour]
  • Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne can’t stop fucking. [Page Six]
  • Amanda Bynes posted on Instagram for the first time since July. She dyed her hair black. Us Weekly is scandalized. [Us Weekly]
  • Yet their silence on Laura Prepon’s new bangs is deafening!

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