NBC Cuts Ties With Donald Trump, For Obvious Reasons 


CNN media reporter Brian Stelter is reporting that NBC won’t be airing the upcoming Miss USA pageant, one part of the three-headed lipsticked hydra that is Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Organization. NBC’s statement says that the decision not to air the pageant is directly due to Donald Trump being Donald Trump all the time. They’re also apparently firing him from Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump, as you may recall, recently called all Mexicans entering the United States rapists and criminals, leading Univision to sever their ties with the Trump Organization. More than 200,000 people have signed a Change.org petition calling on NBC to drop all Trump Organization programming it currently airs: Miss USA, Miss Universe and The Apprentice. Trump had already said he wouldn’t host The Apprentice again because he’s totally running for president in a very real, non-bullshit way. Stelter says it sounds like NBC will try to retain that show with a different host:

It’s unclear for the time being where Miss USA will air, but let’s all go ahead and guess Fox. This promises to be a messy divorce with much petulant tweeting involved. Can’t wait. Seriously.

From here on out, losing work opportunities, professional prestige, and what little public respect you ever had shall be known as “pulling a Trump.” Trump really Trumped that deal. Let’s make this happen.

Update, 4:15 p.m.: Donald Trump has released — via Instagram for some reason — the most Donald Trump possible statement, calling NBC weak, reiterating that he hates “illegal immigrants” and capitalizing Making Our Great Country Great Again. Glorious:

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Donald Trump and Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler, of Venezuela, talk during a news conference, October 2014 in Doral, Fl. Image via AP.

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