Netflix Is Giving 13 Reasons Why a Third Season to Fuck Up Again


Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why—the controversial teen soap that portrays death by suicide, rape, sexual violence and other various traumas in excruciating, gratuitous detail—has been green-lit for a third season. Why ask why.

There’s a reason: The show does numbers (6 million U.S. viewers in three days), but the criticism 13 Reasons Why has inspired—the Parents Television Council called for its cancellation—should be enough to have the streaming platform take a long look in the mirror and think, Hmmm, what are we doing? But that’s not how showbiz works. If anything, the calls for action may have created a new population of curious viewers—those in agreement with criticism of the show, but not enough to avoid watching the wreckage in full.

Anyway! Like 13 Reasons Why’s first two seasons, Season 3 will consist of 13 episodes. Selena Gomez is still on lock as executive producer, but who knows what she actually does on set. The beautiful dead girl that started it all, Hannah Baker, portrayed by Katherine Langford and pictured above, won’t be included in this (hopefully final) chapter. Which makes sense, given her fate.

Season 3 is due to premiere in 2019. Until then and hell, even when it’s here, I recommend Riverdale for your Netflix teen drama binging urges instead. It’s fundamentally more enjoyable.

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