New Celebrity Gym Trend Is All About Teeny Tiny Movements


If you like working out, but feel like the normal gym is just too Bob Fosse-level flashy, then, boy, do I have the fitness trend for you!

ModelFit, a recently opened gym in the NYC neighborhood of NoHo, is pioneering a new kind of workout that specializes in small movements meant to give you a model physique. And here I thought that was accomplished through a diet of cotton balls and cocaine.

Kathleen Hou at The Cut writes:

You may think a leg lift is a leg lift, but you haven’t done a ModelFit leg lift, a slow move done on a step for stability with an ankle weight, while fully engaging your core and inner thigh, repeated 15 times. Just when you begin thinking, Am I doing this correctly? Wait, I don’t feel anyth—, [Justin] Gelband or one of his trainers will find you with their Spidey senses and make a minor, sweat-inducing adjustment.

Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, Anne Hathaway and Miranda Kerr are all clients, but now trainer Justin Gelband is focusing his sculpting eye-beams on us thick-calved, farmer-handed normals.

“Don’t ask to look like a celebrity. Look like you,” he remarks. “If you need someone as inspiration, fine. But just be the best you can be, don’t worry about everyone else.”

Coincidentally, I happen to specialize in my own tiny movement workout technique. It involves putting on an episode of a Coach and lying on my couch face down in a bowl of Doritos.

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