New York Tabloids Are Very Angry About a 'Topless Toddler' in Times Square 


The New York Post and the New York Daily News both need you to know, urgently, about the latest outrage in Times Square: not only are there still topless, body-painted women working for tips in Times Square, but one of them brought a two-year-old, who also didn’t wear a shirt.

The breathless fake controversy over the desnudas, helpfully aided by supposedly liberal New York mayor Bill de Blasio, is proving to be undying. And now this: a “dopey” desnuda named Maria Diaz, per the Post, appeared in a black frilly tutu with black hearts painted on her breasts. Joining her was her bare-chested toddler, who had a strip of black paint on her own chest.

The Daily News says the pair drew “outrage,” with a police officer ordering Diaz to cover her daughter. She complied. Meanwhile,the god-fearing tourists of Times Square were shocked and appalled, helpfully hinting that someone “strange” might have seen the little girl. From the News:

Stef Watakins, 32, a visitor from Louisiana, said the cop had done the right thing.
“I think she should be covered. The baby … doesn’t understand what’s going on. There are strange people in the world, and this is Times Square,” the tourist said.

On the one hand, yes, the point of the desnudas is to have one’s photo taken with a beautiful nudeish woman. It’s not exactly a kid-friendly activity. On the other hand, treating a toddler’s bare torso as though it’s got the slightest sexual connotation is sort of curious itself, no? In either case, be prepared for people in your Facebook feed to have many, many opinions about this one, because the only thing better than opining about other women’s tits is opining about their parenting decisions.

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New York Daily News cover, Tuesday, September 15, 2015.

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