Newsmax Cuts Ties With Lara Logan After Antisemitic Rant

“Newsmax condemns in the strongest terms the reprehensible statements made by Lara Logan and her views do not reflect our network,” it told the Daily Beast.

Newsmax Cuts Ties With Lara Logan After Antisemitic Rant
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What exactly do you have to say for a right-wing opinion network to hang you out to dry? For former 60 Minutes journalist Lara Logan, it was a lot of Qanon bullshit and just plain antisemitism and bigotry, all packaged together in one TV appearance on Newsmax on Thursday night.

Billed as an “investigative journalist extraordinaire and a good friend of mine” by primetime host Eric Bolling, Logan told viewers that a “global cabal” wants to “dilute the pool of patriots.” The Biden administration also apparently wants a “Reichstag fire” to crack down on white people, she said, invoking the blaze at German parliament weeks after Adolf Hitler rose to power that was used to legally pave the way for his dictatorship and the horrors that followed.

After the Daily Beast pointed out all the bananas shit Logan spewed on air (we will get to it in detail), Newsmax sent a statement saying the network doesn’t plan to have Logan on again. “Newsmax condemns in the strongest terms the reprehensible statements made by Lara Logan and her views do not reflect our network,” the network said in a statement to the Daily Beast. “We have no plans to interview her again.”

When talking about undocumented people in America, Logan claimed the Biden administration is really out to get people who don’t like immigrants. “It’s really interesting because, you know, we live in a moment where you can see all over the place that this administration is desperate to incite some kind of event, right? Incite people to act that will prove the lie of white terrorism and white supremacy in America today and give them an excuse to crack down,” Logan said. “They need a Reichstag fire.”

She also suggested the Biden administration is giving people basic human rights, like food and a bed, to get back at the “average American.”

“You have to wonder and at least ask the question if part of the motivation or maybe just one of the benefits is that they know that they’re rubbing [it in] the face of the average American,” Logan said.

Okay, that’s pretty standard anti-immigrant crap, but the pair went on to say “great replacement theory”—the inane idea that white voters will be actively replaced with non-whites—is actively happening.

This next soliloquy by Logan is unhinged.

“And you’re 100 percent right, Eric, but you know what? It’s even bigger than that. Because I spoke to a man who was actually holding the documents in his hand. He told me about it, right? He said he infiltrated the global cabal at the U.N. level, right? And one of the things that he was able to tell me about, from his own personal experience, what he witnessed himself was these documents that showed the time there is a plan, and this was several years ago, right? The plan was to infiltrate 100 million illegal immigrants, and at that point, there were already at 40 million, and these people would dilute what they called the ‘pool of patriots.’ Their words, right? And they would not be taught that America is a great country and trained to sing the national anthem with pride, and so on and so on. They would be taught all the negative things that we’re told about the U.S. today that our own children are taught. What would be the effect of diluting the ‘pool of patriots’? It would to be to break down the sense of pride of being American and what it means to be American.”

Logan, who was a combat-zone journalist for many years, became a household name when she was forced to retract and apologize for a story in 2013 about the Benghazi embassy attack. You would think Logan would be cautious of one man sourcing with documents after her Benghazi source was so unreliable.

To be clear, her views are not outside the Republican mainstream right now. The party is full-on, openly embracing antisemitism and racism in its ranks. There is no more “quiet part” to say out loud.

As the Logan interview wound down, she invoked her “firm and solid and immovable believer in God.” Logan said the end times are coming, no matter if you follow the Bible, Quran or Book of Mormon. “God believes in sovereignty, a national identity, of the sanctity of family and all the things that we’ve lived with from the beginning of time. And he knows that the open border is Satan’s way of taking control of the world through all of these are people who are stooges and his servants,” she said.

What a long way to fall.

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