Nick Carter and Lance Bass Are Combining Their Frosted Tip Powers for a Pride Collaboration

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Nick Carter and Lance Bass Are Combining Their Frosted Tip Powers for a Pride Collaboration

Nick Carter and Lance Bass are bringing pieces of their respective bands—*NSYNC and Backstreet Boys—back together for a mystery collaboration in honor of Pride month. The two got together on an Instagram live to tease the collaboration, which will also include Joey Fatone and possibly AJ McLean. Bass and Carter have been teasing the partnership since October of last year and described it as “exciting, diverse and I guess you could say liberating.” I guess you can say pretty much anything when no one knows what it is!

Is it a calendar? Did they remix their hits? Is this a new song, a new boy band altogether? Most importantly, did anyone call JC Chasez and invite him to this? Because if it’s a musical project then someone who can actually sing should probably be present. [People]

Farewell once more to Chris Harrison who after six seasons, will not be hosting this year’s Bachelor in Paradise. If you recall, Harrison fucked up the easiest bag in the business on the most recent season of The Bachelor when he went balls to the wall defending Rachel Kirkconnell, who went on to win the final rose but lost Matt James after photos of Rachel attending a racist antebellum theme party surfaced.

It would seem, however, that despite the huge blow-up in the post-final rose world, Kirkconnell has been forgiven by James. The two are back together and the only one left out in the cold is Harrison, who still, rightly, hasn’t gotten his job back. Paradise will instead be hosted this year by a rotation of celebrity guests, including David Spade—a man who truly stretches the definition of the word celebrity. [Us Weekly]

  • The registry for Ariana Grande’s secret wedding was also probably a secret, but that didn’t stop PETA from sending her a vegan tandem bike. Yuh. [TMZ]
  • American Idol loser and congressional race loser Clay Aiken is handing out his hot takes on which celebrities can hack it in an election. None of them! [TMZ]
  • Lisa Rinna is taking her dancing videos too far. [TMZ]
  • Ed Sheeran, you sneaky little fox, what are you trying to tell me? [Instagram]
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