Nicki Minaj Throws Buckets of Shade at Iggy Azalea at BET Awards


During Sunday’s BET Awards, Nicki Minaj won the Best Female MC trophy and took time during her acceptance speech to dress down her competition. Considering her only contemporary chart-worthy rival is Iggy Azalea, it’s safe to say Iggy was the target of her shade (thrown while professing “no shade”).

Teetering toward the stage, until Lil Wayne realized, “Hey, Nicki probably needs help,” the “Pills and Potions” artist received her award from presenter Floyd “I post sonograms on Facebook” Mayweather, thanked her fans and noted that she’s won five times consecutively. Nicki added that she doesn’t take the award for granted and appreciates being able to represent the ladies in a “culture that’s so male-driven.” And then Nicki got into what she really wanted to address: her rivals.

After plugging her forthcoming Pink Print LP , Nicki noted that she had a near-death experience recently and would’ve called the hospital except TMZ would’ve reported the incident. Oh. Okay? Then she targeted new female rappers who she feels are nipping at her Louboutins without writing their own lyrics, and it’s safe to say that unnamed person was Iggy — the only other woman who rapped that night was Missy Elliott, and who can hate on Missy? In the rap community, not penning your own rhymes is the equivalent of the emperor wearing no clothes, and Iggy’s studio help has bubbled up before. My Gawker colleague already anointed Azalea an exceptionally entertaining “drag queen,” which I agree with, and Nicki just pointed it out in her own way while also referring to herself in the third person.

Elsewhere during the evening, Lionel Richie was honored for crafting BBQ jams like “Easy,” “Zoom” and “All Night Long,” but when he came to receive his award, the producers misspelled his name.

Adele Dazeem?

As the show droned on — it was three hours and 44 minutes, I tuned in late and still wanted to tear my hair out — Robin Thicke took the stage to perform his musical pleas to estranged wife Paula to take him back. At his song’s end, an awkward old photo of the couple appeared on the stage’s screen where Paula sort of looked drunk and Robin just looked furry.

Then BET closed the show with Jay Z and Beyoncé and pulled the greatest stunt of all — they aired a YouTube clip of the couple’s On The Run tour that was posted online last week. Womp. At least the show’s host, Chris Rock got a few good jokes in on Rick Ross, who wasn’t present but tuned in just to be upset.

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