Norway Warns Public About Chlamydia With Giant Glitter-Spraying Dick


The campaign is titled Penis Can Surprise You and can only be described as “modern avant-garde creepy-as-fuck.” But what else can you do to get noticed, asks a Norway sexual health charity, when the people who most need your advertisement about chlamydia aren’t paying attention to more traditional forms of public service announcements?

The Telegraph reports that the giant penis is actually 19-year-old Philip van Eck, who thinks the entire stunt is hilarious. According to him, there’s nothing better than helping others just by “being a dick.” Both he and the charity think the video will be more well-received by the 16-25 demographic in Norway than just another boring lecture or traditional advertisement about wearing condoms.

From The Telegraph:

Almost 23,000 Norwegians contract chlamydia every year, but according to sex education charity RFSU, are less likely to use a condom than their Nordic neighbours.

The ad is meant to be funny and the charity is hoping that the hilarity of a penis covering the unsuspecting public in golden confetti will really get their message across. Unfortunately, The Inquisitr reports that the campaign’s already been labeled as “banal and idiotic” by the over-30 set. But what do they know?

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