Not Even the Poems of Emily Dickinson Can Stop Grindr's Desire for Sex


One of the nicest things about online dating is that neither hail, nor sleet, nor failure to use proper grammar will deter potential matches from trying to get down and dirty with you. And, as one Tumblr shows, not even the most depressing of Emily Dickinson’s poems will stop someone from asking whether you’re “DTF.”

Grindr Texts from Emily isn’t a particularly new concept — lots of people have tried to subvert mobile-based dating apps with clever “wordplay” and impersonation — but it is the most amusing, mainly because it shows that no matter how weird or out there texts are, people are still down to bone. (I was going to write about the wonders of propagating the species, but then I realized that Grindr isn’t about that and also chastised myself because I am gay and should know that? Why did I forget that?)

Below are some selections. They range from hilarious to “wtf are you thinking, sir?” But also, I kind of understand why people would continue responding because once when I was on OkCupid someone just wrote “U INTO FUK” and I responded because I kind of was? What else are you going to do at 7pm on a Tuesday night?

You can see all the hilarious conversations here, although nothing will beat that last explication above. My AP English teacher would be proud.

h/t: Adam Gonzalez

Images via Grindr Texts from Emily

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