Noted Homophobe Victoria Jackson Accosts Gay People on the Street


Former SNL star, current Tea Party member, and noted homophobe Victoria Jackson attended the Democratic National Convention last month armed with her video camera and American flags sticking out of her hair. Walking down the street past a group of gay activists, she says that she was approached by one of them after he recognized her from her recent anti-Glee/anti-gay PR tour in which the forgotten comic was reintroduced to the world, this time as a bible-waving intolerant zealot who now has a heavy interest in politics after “learning” how to vote in for the first time in 2000.

She then filmed her civil conversation with the gay man, who tried his best to appeal to Jackson first with logic and then with compassion. As Jackson pointed out that she thinks that sexuality is a choice. She actually chooses to be straight, she explained. Then she asked him why gay people’s “identity is in their sex life? Why can’t their identity be in Christ?”

Just as she was trying to explain that gays have the same rights as straight people and therefore are not discriminated against, an angry stranger off the street approached them to express his disapproval of homosexuality. Instead of seeing how this man just disproved the point she was trying to make, she turned to the man to let him know that she agrees.

“I do not believe in homosexuality,” she said.

“It’s not like Santa Claus,” the gay man hilariously replied, “It’s a real thing.”

Inside the convention, Jackson approached two women to ask if they were supporting Obama. They turned out to be a lesbian couple who, too, remembered Jackson’s anti-gay comments. Instead of playing into her wingnut loaded questions, they responded simply by making out with each other, which proved to completely freak her out.

[Victoria Jackson YouTube Channel]

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