NRA Queen Sen. Kelly Loeffler Apparently Doesn't Think The Second Amendment Applies to Black People


Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler—who rose to national prominence after being implicated in an alleged covid-19 insider trading clusterfuck—has a fast and loose definition of who the second amendment applies to, despite presenting herself as a gun rights champion. And she made this loud and clear during a hilariously racist Fox News segment Thursday morning.

During the interview, Fox News host Ed Henry noted that “it isn’t every day you see people carrying long guns on the streets of America” as images of Black protesters carrying rifles—terror porn for Fox News viewers—popped up next to him. “What is happening on the streets of America this morning?”

“Well, Ed, this is totally unacceptable, we cannot allow mob rule,” Loeffler replied, as more scary images of Black people holding guns appeared next to her. “We’re a nation of the rule of law, and this is exactly what will happen if we defund the police, and this is exactly what the Democrats want to do. They have a move to defund, to dismantle law enforcement.”

The images Fox News showed were of armed Black protesters at the Atlanta Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by police on June 12. A legally few armed Black people at a Wendys in an open carry state is clearly not mob rule. And this wouldn’t alarm a single Fox News personality or Republican politician if the individuals involved were white right-wingers or a group of armed anti-covid-19 lockdown protesters storming the Michigan state Capitol. Loeffler didn’t bother deriding those protesters, and neither, for that matter, did Fox News.

But no matter.

“We’ve got people with 12-gauge shotguns saying, ‘We’re keeping the police out,’” Henry continued, adding that officers are calling in sick because they don’t feel supported by local officials. “What in the world do you do about that?”

“It hurts all communities, it hurts everyone in our country when we don’t have law and order, when we have mob rule,” Loeffler said. “This is the vision the Democrats have for the country.”

Loeffler then went on to offer some uninspired talk about rooting out bad apples before promoting the JUSTICE Act, a weak police reform proposal pushed by Senate Republicans.

While Loeffler could not see the images that were being used during the segment, she knows exactly who she’s talking about when she references mob rule. She knows exactly who she’s talking about when she pushes for the restoration of law and order. She knows who the Democrats are code for, especially in her state of Georgia. The dog whistle is a blowhorn, and our ears are ringing.

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