Pete Davidson Gushes About Having Kids, Gets Another Kim-Themed Tattoo…Oh God, This Is Real?

And it looks like we’ll finally see him on camera during Season 2 of The Kardashians.

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Pete Davidson Gushes About Having Kids, Gets Another Kim-Themed Tattoo…Oh God, This Is Real?
Photo:Stefani Reynolds (Getty Images)

Being one half of the most-watched celeb couple has definitely been keeping Pete Davidson busy: He’s opened up about his desire to have kids, revealed a new ill-advised tattoo, and made his onscreen Kardashians Cinematic Universe debut.

In a preview of his interview on Kevin Hart’s talk show Hart to Heart that was released Tuesday, Davidson talked about his goals for the future. “My favorite thing ever, which I have yet to achieve, I wanna have a kid,” he said. “That’s like my dream. It’s like, super corny.”

(Hart, a father of four himself, approved, declaring having kids “the best goddamn thing you could do in life.”)

Davidson didn’t say that he wants to have children with Kim Kardashian, specifically, but the fact that he’s talking about the desire publicly suggests that they’ve at least gotten to the “talking about kids” stage of things. Davidson also revealed that one of the aspects of fatherhood he’s looking forward to is “dress[ing] the little dude up,” which really makes it sound like he’s ready for family life Kardashian-Jenner-West-style.

He’s also debuted a new Kim-inspired tattoo, the latest addition to body art tributes that include an affectionate but inaccurate tat declaring “my girl is a lawyer.” This time, he’s been inked with the words “Jasmine” and “Aladdin,” linked by an infinity sign—a nod to his and Kim’s televised first kiss on Saturday Night Live. Could this mean that they’re one of those Disney couples? The Kardashians is on Disney-owned Hulu; Kris is probably salivating over the branding opportunities.

And speaking of the show, it looks like Pete’s on-camera debut on The Kardashians looms ahead. It feels like it’s been just a few short weeks since Season 1 streamed its finale, and that feeling is absolutely correct. But lengthy off-seasons are for people who aren’t architects of an empire built on attention, so the trailer for S2 is already here.

Generally, it looks like the season will offer more of the usual—Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding plans, the Blac Chyna legal fight, etc. (“No matter how crazy things are, we’re always gonna be family,” Kim says, which truly feels like a line a Kardashian has said in every season of their reality TV career since 2007). But the big surprise is Pete’s debut. In the clip, Kim asks if he’d like to take a shower, and he makes a little show of tossing his phone and cigarettes and running over to her. Funny guy! He should consider a career in comedy.

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