Pink's Adorable Daughter and Husband Star in Her Adorable New Video


“Sometimes I hate every single stupid word you say/Sometimes I want to slap you in your whole face.” So sings Pink as the image of her husband Carey Hart hits the screen in her new video for “True Love.” Their daughter Willow also appears in the clip, playing with toys and riding bikes with mom and dad. This ode to Pink’s happy, busy life — which includes lovingly play-fighting with Carey — is so adorable and sweet it just might make your teeth hurt. Luckily, she throws up a couple of middle fingers to keep things from getting too sugary.

Lily Allen also makes an appearance in the video, but you might be too busy nodding your head to the lyrics to notice. Who among us has never felt like this: “At the same time I want to hug you/I wanna wrap my hands around your neck/You’re an asshole/But I love you/and you make me so mad I ask myself why am I still here… I really hate you/So much it must be true love.”


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