Presenting: The Wildest Looks from Fashion Month (So Far)

From New York to London to Milan, with cameos from celebs like Julia Fox and Kim Kardashian, these styles are truly... something to behold.

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Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

Well, we’ve arrived at the time of the year where spring still feels a bit too far away and we’re all drowning in our own ennui. In the interest of distracting you from the stress, chaos and utter darkness of the world around us, let’s talk about something far more fun: Fashion Month.

Lest you’ve lost track of where we’re at, we’ve bid adieu to New York and London Fashion Week this year and are in the throes of Milan Fashion Week. Paris is still to come, but the looks— both on and off the runway — thus far have not disappointed. We’ve been given everything from dominatrix to Euphoria high school to space bitch, all while the celebs have made their respective cameos. (We didn’t think it was possible that Kim Kardashian owned that much leather, but we learn something new every day.)

Let’s take a closer look at Fashion Month so far, shall we?

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