Prince to Make Funky Purple Appearance on New Girl (He's a 'Huge Fan')

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As some of you may already know, Prince will be guest-starring on the New Girl, in an episode that will broadcast after the Superbowl. But the story behind this wonderful television event is really just the best: apparently he contacted the show’s producer because “he’s a big fan” and “knows everything about the show.” PRINCE: he’s just like you! Ha ha, just kidding, you are nothing like Prince.

Anyway, when Prince is not consuming a mystical tangerine or vibrating in tune with the cosmos, he is watching the New Girl. He really wants Nick and Jess to end up together.

According to executive producer Brett Baer, “His thing was all about getting to Jess and trying to bring out this
inner part of her that hadn’t been brought to the forefront. The word
‘hip tips’ was sort of the thing. He put it, I think I can give her some
hip tips!” I would like some hip tips as well, please. [E!]

Yasmine Akram, who kissed Benedict Cumberbatch on TV, says that it’s “lovely and very soft” to do so and one of her top ways to spend the afternoon. Guys, if you have time later today, try to fit in a Benedict Cumberbatch make-out session. It’s even better than reading Bachelor recaps or playing with your cat. [ONTD spoiler alert!]

Gisele Bundchen was spotted riding around on an ATV without a helmet, clutching her baby (also without a helmet) with one hand and steering with the other. I’m all for not getting huffy about the maternal behaviors of celebrities, but this looks wildly unsafe. Guys, really, don’t bring your baby on the ATV with you. [TMZ]

Ashlee Simpson is engaged to Evan Ross, the son of Diana Ross. He got her a giant and very beautiful ring that sort of looks like an ornate vagina. Congratulations to them! [E!]

  • Willow Smith explained to V magazine why she turned down the role of Annie: “I just wanted to chill, and be at home, and decompress, and just find
    out what I wanna do and where I stand on this planet, with the little
    tiny place we have. I just feel like I want to do it different than the world’s ready for.” I’m not even going to tell you what sorts of things I was saying at her age (thirteen) because I’m retroactively ashamed. [E!]
  • Khloe Kardashian says Kris Jenner is her style icon. Ooof. I wonder if that means that she, too, adorns her body in the blood of the innocents whilst praying to the forgotten gods for more attention, because that’s totally Kris’ signature look. [E!]
  • Jamie Lynn Spears found the perfect wedding dress but did NOT share it via social media and now I feel really out of the loop. [E!]
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton are looking for a new nanny for Prince George. What does it say about me that my first thought was, “Prince Harry should do a Mrs. Doubtfire thing”? Nothing good, right? [E!]
  • If you’ll recall, yesterday Justin Bieber got an angry radish tattooed on his arm. He has since added the word “LOVE” right next to it. [Gossip Cop]
  • Kanye West took Anna Wintour to lunch and did not let her get a word in edgewise. [Page Six]
  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon would like to inform you that they have a lot of sexual intercourse. [ONTD]
  • Ok, this is what Twitter was built to do: a fan DM’ed Aaron Carter informing him that the newly-single Hilary Duff will not get back together with him and he responded, “That’s was really mean” and then added, “It’s just I’ve been waiting for her like half my life now.” YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST LOVE. [ONTD]
  • Here’s a video of Robert Downey, Jr. singing with Sting. [Perez Hilton]
  • Drew Barrymore got pizza after the Golden Globes. [PopSugar]
  • On the subject of pizza, Girls fans are being blamed for crashing Seamless. [Page Six]
  • New contender for Best Gossip of 2014: Phil Collins has never heard of Coachella. [Vulture]
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