Project Runway: Speaking Ill Of The Red


As far as integrating an advertiser into the show goes, last night’s Campbell’s Soup-centric episode was not as bizarre as the car parts challenge of season 5.

The models were women impacted by heart disease, and the challenge was to design a dress for the fashion week gala the Red Dress Awards. Sale of the winning design would benefit the American Heart Association. Since the designers were working with “real women” and not models, they found themselves:
1. Emotionally involved and connected to their clients and
2. Designing for non-model bodies.
This meant that some of the contestants — Jay, Anthony — cried when hearing about the health struggles the women had gone through. In the clip above, Anthony worries about how the women will feel when the dresses are critiqued on the runway. Other designers just had issues working with non-model shapes.

Highlights and lowlights from the runway:

The judges liked Mila’s star dress, but after Emilio said it looked like a flag, that was all I could think about. Cuba libre, or something.

The judges also liked Maya’s heart-inspired garment, which was kind of like Bjork’s infamous swan gown, except with a boa constrictor. My anaconda don’t want none.

Jesse’s dress was cute when the jacket was not involved.

Jay made his client look happy and gorgeous. They really bonded during the experience, which was sweet.

Amy won, and rightly so: It was a gorgeous, flowing gown perfect for her client.

Anna’s dress was awful.

The thing Jesus designed was terrible, too.

The judges shredded Jesus’ dress, and he was sent home. If I’d been involved, I would have sent Jesus and Anna home, I just really hated hers.

But not everything on the runway was bad! Jesse’s dress offered up a great view.

Nina and Heidi love that.

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