PSA: Your Artsy, Minimalist Instagram Account Is Wildly Unoriginal


Who’s to say that something can’t be beautiful, elegant, spare, magazine-worthy—Kinfolk-worthy, to be specific—and also stunningly boring and redundant all at the same time!

An excellent new Tumblr called The Kinspiracy collects all the ingredients of Fussy Creative Class Creature Comfort Bingo: latte art, well-made shoes shot from above, bicycles, vintage cars, ice cream held in front of the camera, round organic multiples (eggs, citrus), American flags, and of course, Kinfolk—the subtle instrument of aesthetic brainwashing that drives it all.

The Kinspiracy is a delightful game of visual telephone: every set of four photos is essentially the same as the sets of photos adjacent to it, but through brutally subtle differences—the size of the tile, the grain of the wood on the picnic table—the photo sets morph and change: a hanging plant in one quartet is the sprig of rosemary in a butcher-paper-wrapped present in the next, which then becomes just the present, tied up in ribbon. It is mesmerizing, and also a public service, because the Kinspiracy grows ever-wider.

Is It You? asks the Kinspiracy. More importantly: do you want it to be?

Images via The Kinspiracy

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