Quibi Is Killing Zac Efron

Quibi Is Killing Zac Efron
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It’s the week before Thanksgiving which means it is basically Christmas time! FX is more than prepared with their new gloomy retelling of A Christmas Carol. The Vikings are sort of coming back, Zac Efron is trying to survive, and two soccer stars are looking for the next big talent. Here’s the latest.

Zac Efron is set to star in a survive in the wild reality show on the streaming network Quibi called Killing Zac Efron. Similar to Naked and Afraid, Efron will be dropped in a remote location with a guide and a few survival basics. He will, unfortunately, be fully clothed. [Deadline]

Adam Lamberg, the adorable actor who played Gordo in the original Lizzie McGuire series will be reprising his role in the Disney+ reboot. [Variety]

Nick Cannon, who may be on his way to being this generation’s Ryan Seacrest, is getting a nationally syndicated talk show. The show, which will be called Nick Cannon, is set to launch in September of 2020. [Deadline]

Kevin Hart, a man who’s survived multiple cancellations, is getting a Netflix docuseries aptly titled Don’t Fuck This Up. I look forward to seeing the many ways in which Kevin might fuck up just about anything. [Deadline]

Idris Elba, truly the sexiest man alive, will be starring in The Harder They Fall alongside Jonathan Majors. The Netflix film is being produced in part by Jay-Z. [Vanity Fair]

Just when you thought Vikings couldn’t Viking anymore, Netflix orders a sequel series Vikings: Valhalla. Contrary to what the title may have you believe, the Michael Hirst series will not go to Viking heaven, but 100 years into the Viking future. Skol! [Deadline]

It wouldn’t be Christmas time without another reimagining of A Christmas Carol. The FX show boasts Guy Pearce as Scrooge and Andy Serkis as the ghost of Christmas past. [Deadline]

Ashlyn Harris and Aly Krieger are taking their talents to the airwaves in a new competition show called GirlStar. [Deadline]

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