Reader Roundup: We Have The Formula For Online Dating Success


Today’s best comments are looking good!

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Did Caroline Kennedy & Maria Shriver End The Kennedys Miniseries?:

To be fair, there were some big inaccuracies. For one, Katie Holmes as Jackie kept going off-script and talking about how John had an excess amount of thetans that led to his assassination.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to ATMs Are As Filthy As Public Toilets:

This will change very little about my experience with ATMs. Whenever I go to withdraw money and it shows me my balance, I already scream things such as “this is disgusting!”, “I think I’m going to be sick!”, “oh the humanity!” and also “what is this shit??!!!”

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Wingnut Says Gays In Military Cause Mass Bird Deaths:

And God said unto Abraham, that the people of the gaily spirit would bring a great shower of cock upon the land.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Why Your Dating Profile Should Emphasize Your “Worst” Feature:

In order to verify how much credence women will give this information, OK Cupid needs to apply a formula in which the value of increased dudely attention (d) from men worth ogling (o) is decreased in value by the increased incidence of unwanted advice from dudes (u), cockshots (c), hellishly long cries for attention (h), or from those you consider to be too elderly to date (e).
That formula would be:
d = o – (uche)
This formula is surprisingly fast and easy to use! You see the e-mail, think to yourself, “This is a douche!”
And you’re done.

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