Rep. Katie Porter Destroyed Steven Mnuchin With a Gentle Reminder That He's a Dipshit

Rep. Katie Porter Destroyed Steven Mnuchin With a Gentle Reminder That He's a Dipshit
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Whiteboard queen Rep. Katie Porter had time today.

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing Wednesday, Porter grilled Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on the decision to move $455 billion in covid-19 relief from the Federal Reserve to the Treasury’s general fund. This process makes it much more difficult for his successor—President-elect Biden pick Janet Yellen—to access and allocate the vital funds without Congressional approval. It’s a shameless attempt to fuck over the incoming administration, an unjustified move that is particularly ghoulish given the ruthlessness of covid-19 and its economic fallout.

According to the CARES Act, the remaining funds are to move from the Federal Reserve to the Treasury on or after January 1, 2026. So, Porter decided to call Mnuchin out on it.

“Secretary Mnuchin, is it currently the year 2026? Yes or no?” Porter asked.

After whining that Porter was putting words into his mouth, Mnuchin eventually replied “Of course it’s not 2026… How ridiculous to ask me that question to waste our time.”

“Well, Secretary Mnuchin, I think it’s ridiculous that you’re play-acting to be a lawyer when you have no legal degree,” Porter said.

“Well, actually, I have plenty of lawyers at the Department of Treasury who advise me,” Mnuchin said.

Porter later suggested his assessment that the decision to move the CARES Act funding is kosher doesn’t hold up legally. “You’ve gotten into a disagreement with someone who is actually a lawyer—” she began.

“Are you a lawyer?” Mnuchin said.

Hahaha. Ha. Yeah, actually, she is, dipshit. But nice try!

Anyway, are we getting another stimulus check or nah?

Let’s check in on the Georgia Senate race where… er… it appears that some Trump allies are actually encouraging Georgia Republicans not to vote?

At a “Stop the Steal rally in Atlanta on Wednesday, attorney and QAnon queen Sidney Powell said that she encourages Georgians, regardless of party, to “not vote at all until your vote is secure.”

At the same event, Trump surrogate Lin Wood encouraged voters to “go to the Governor’s mansion, circle it, blow your horns” until Governor Kemp orders a special session of the state legislature. So, in case you were wondering if Trump World has accepted the fact that Georgia went blue this year, the answer is fuck no.

Voter suppression is still a big problem in the state of Georgia. But the kind of voter suppression these professional Trump devotees believe in is a complete fabrication. (And even Republicans are getting tired of this shit).

But, hey, if a bunch of Georgia Republicans fall for this propaganda and don’t vote in the incredibly crucial Senate race that will determine the balance of power in the United States Senate then, well, hey, you do you!

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