Report: Kanye West Allowed to Perform, Not to Advise Obama at DNC Fundraiser


This year’s Democratic National Committee fundraiser will feature Kanye West, everybody’s new favorite presidential hopeful, as its headlining performer. And given Yeezy’s recently announced plans to run for office in 2020, this gig might seem an opportune time to talk shop with President Obama, who will also be in attendance. Unfortunately, a few Kanye-specific rules have been implemented to prevent him from doing just that.

According to Page Six, those familiar with West’s penchant for extemporaneous speeches have drawn precise boundaries outlining what the rapper can and cannot do during the October 10, 2015 event.

“There will be restrictions…Kanye won’t be able to lecture the president about how to run the country,” a source tells Page Six.


On the plus side, West will perform songs from his forthcoming album, Swish, although you’ll have to fork over anywhere up to $10,000 for the privilege of seeing the show.

The fundraiser will be held in San Francisco. Let’s cross our fingers that a performance of “Monster” makes its way into the setlist.

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