Republicans Are Already Blaming Cardi B for the Recession

Clearly, no one has any idea how a recession works or who's to blame. Thankfully we are here.

Republicans Are Already Blaming Cardi B for the Recession
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Early Thursday, rapper Cardi B cast a question into the Twitter void that we’ve all been wondering: Are we spiraling toward a recession this year, or nah?

The impending recession has been looming over our heads like a pregnant rain cloud, and we’re just all waiting for that water to drop. Economists say we have nothing to worry about until next year, but with inflation and rising gas prices, who knows how true that is. Cardi, of course, wants to get to the bottom of this—and the responses to her question were most likely not what the rapper expected.

Alt-right Florida Republican Candidate Lavern Spicer wasted no time in pointing fingers at the “WAP” star reminding us all of Cardi’s unyielding Biden support in 2020. And another Republican candidate for Congress, Errol Webber of California, also piled on.

The strange responses poured in, as one anti-Biden user pulled up an old video of Cardi encouraging people to get out and vote during the Biden/Trump election.

DJ Joe Maz helpfully entered the fray, and a whole slew of random Twitter users appeared to agree that by campaigning for Biden, Cardi B has thrown us all into a terrible financial situation…? Nevermind the war in Ukraine or global financial upheaval.

I mean there are a lot of people we could blame… like the Kardashians’ frivolous spending (I mean their craft services and wardrobe alone…) and Elon Musk’s moon excursions.

The truth: The economic pain that most Americans feel right now as a result of high inflation, supply chain shortages, and high gas prices are because inflation hits those with the least the hardest, and usually the general public’s everyday economic pain is not a direct reflection of the true state of the economy.

While Cardi B’s right-wing trolls are convinced that the easy solution is to just vote Republican, the reality is that the economy would have likely been the same same regardless of how was in office. Now, if we could only get everyone a free economics class, we’d all be in business.

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