RFK Jr. Defends Epstein Flights by Naming All the Other Predators He’s Hung Out With

"I know Harvey Weinstein. I knew Roger Ailes. Bill Cosby came to my house," Kennedy said, seemingly trying to explain why he flew on Epstein's jet.

RFK Jr. Defends Epstein Flights by Naming All the Other Predators He’s Hung Out With

I’m thankful I never flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane because if I had and someone asked me about it, I wouldn’t really know what to say. But I hope I’d have a better answer than Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr, or “RFK Jr.,” who was asked on Wednesday about his Epstein-sponsored air travel while appearing on comedian Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast. When confronted about why he appears on Epstein’s notorious flight log twice, RFK Jr. defends (?) himself by rattling off all the other alleged sexual predators and abusers he’s moseyed around with.

“I’m in New York for most of my life. You run into everybody in New York. I mean, I know Harvey Weinstein. I knew Roger Ailes. I knew, O.J. Simpson came to my house. Bill Cosby came to my house,” Kennedy said, apparently at no point hearing the words he was saying out loud.

The anti-vax, anti-abortion nepo baby did eventually get to the point he was clumsily ambling toward: “You don’t know these people are swamp creatures until all this stuff comes out.” But I don’t know—surely there was a less incriminating way to make the same point, a way that didn’t require him to also admit to having hung out with four of the most notorious predators of all time.

Kennedy maintains that he sussed out Epstein’s true colors early on and “did see the creepiness immediately.” But, if anything, that just makes it even more suspect that Kennedy had taken not one but two rides on Epstein’s jet, which he confirmed to News Nation in January.

“Many people knew [Epstein],” Kennedy said at the time. “My wife knew his girlfriend [convicted human trafficker] Ghislaine Maxwell and they offered us a ride when we were going down to see my mother. I was with two children and my wife … on the plane at that time. I knew nothing about Jeffrey Epstein.” For Kennedy’s second time on Epstein’s plane, he said he “took my kids fossil hunting in Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.” And that was that!

As for Kennedy’s comments about his Epstein flights this week, I would echo ex-Obama official Dan Pfeiffer’s question, which is, “Where’s Ted Bundy?” I don’t suppose R. Kelly was busy when Kennedy came to town? And, gosh, where’s Woody Allen when you need him?

Welp, between fundraising efforts that include the promise of a day of falconry with him, family members disavowing him, and a days-long controversy about his campaign lying that certain celebrities were coming to his birthday party, we are about a year into Kennedy’s presidential bid. And… it’s kind of cool (?) that he still manages to keep out-weirding himself.

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