Ringleader of New Zealand Teen Rape Gang Bravely Skips Town


Joseph Parker — privileged son of a Hollywood actor and one of the ringleaders of an Auckland teen rape club that called itself the “Roast Busters” — has fled town. Wow, you’d think a person so super tough that they made a hobby out of incapacitating and raping sometimes-underage girls would be better at handling pressur— AHAHAHAHA sorry; I can’t finish that sentence. What a cowardly joke of a person.

Parker, whose father Anthony Ray Parker played Dozer in The Matrix, left town after increased media scrutiny on the actions of the gang (using the internet to pick girls up, getting those girls drunk, gang raping them, and then posting videos bragging about it and shaming the girls to social media) and of the police (they said they didn’t know anything about it because no victims are “brave enough” to come forward, then were like WHOOPS actually four girls complained but there wasn’t enough evidence and also we sort of told her she was asking for it and also WHOOPS one of the Roast Busters is the son of a cop) and of pretty much every entity with the authority and ability to protect the female victims of the Roast Busters. According to the New Zealand Herald, the “teen sex braggart” (A+ diminutive nickname) cited threats to his home and his family.

His family, by the way, is defending his actions, claiming that he actually went to police himself after determining, based on watching his friends rape a drunk 13-year-old, that it had “gone too far.”

His family is adamant he did the right thing and fronted up to police on realising the sex had gone too far.
The turning point was an encounter with a 13-year-old girl, who alleged three boys had group sex with her. But when she protested, Parker had pulled another boy off her, saying they had gone too far.

To Parker’s credit, he was right — the sex had “gone too far.” Unfortunately, saying sex has gone too far while a drunk 13-year-old is being raped is like saying a candle had “gone too far” after the entire house is engulfed in flames.

Meanwhile, the Herald revealed that radio host John Tamihere, who infamously minimized the Roast Busters’ crimes during his show (“mischief”) and then kind of offered a halfassed apology last week, is chummy with Joseph Parker’s stepfather. Tamihere’s stepson also happens to be friends with several of the Roast Busters on Facebook. After Tamihere and his cohost wouldn’t shut up about how bitches be asking to be raped, advertisers began fleeing their program, and the pair have been dropped by the station until the end of the year. Station management is going to reassess what happened and how things can be better in the future, they say. And then, presumably, Tamihere will return to air once everyone’s calmed down about all this rape business.

Unfortunately for Tamihere and Parker, people don’t easily forget levels of fuckery this Olympian. Tamihere can take as much time as he wants to reassess, but he’s always going to be a person who used a very public platform to blame and question underaged rape victims. And as for Parker: I doubt he’ll have any luck finding a place in the world where the water is drinkable and the internet doesn’t exist.

[New Zealand Herald]

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