Rose Byrne Starts an All-Female Production Company With a Cool Name


Rose Byrne is helping to increase the much-needed presence of women filmmakers with the launch of The Dollhouse Collective, an all-female production company run by the actress along with four other Australian women. Actress and director Gracie Otto, director Shannon Murphy, publicist and producer Jessica Carrera and writer and actress Krew Boylan all teamed up with the Adult Beginners star to announce their new venture with a spread in Vogue Australia. The group already has three feature films currently in development.

In an interview with ScreenDaily, Otto explained the group’s goal: “The core aim is to develop theatre, film and television together and tell stories with a strong female presence. This formalizes what we are already doing. Sitting around the dinner table we have always been sounding boards for each other.” The company’s projects include When All The Water, which will be directed by Murphy and written by Marisa Nathar, Girls In Hotels, written and directed by Otto which she describes as “a mystery, a puzzle film, that unravels through time zones and hotels,” and Seriously Red, written by Boylan, which features a character who is obsessed with none other than Dolly Parton. Sounds like someone many of us can relate to.

The Dollhouse Collective joins other female-focused filmmaking projects and companies such as Meryl Streep’s Writers Lab, which will help female writers over the age of 40 to develop screenplays, Lena Dunham’s new production house, A Casual Romance, which she recently told Variety aims to “push the ball forward on gender and sexuality in interesting ways,” and Pacific Standard, the production company that Reese Witherspoon started in 2012 with producer Bruna Papandrea. Let’s keep ‘em coming, ladies.

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