Rowr: Prince Releases Snippet of New Song 'Breakfast Can Wait'


And yes, that is Dave Chappelle as Prince in the cover art because Prince is perfect.

Here’s the snippet for Breakfast Can Wait — just don’t play this song for Walt Jr. because that shit will not fly.

If you have a mouth and other body parts, you’re probably panting right now.

And in conclusion, Prince: What else is there to say but MORE PLEASE. I will now share my friend’s story of meeting him when he played a New Years party she worked at in 1999. He walked past her surrounded by the most beautiful women you’ve never had the pleasure of laying your eyes on, and asked my friend “Where’s the bathroom?” She told him and he said, “Thanks, friend.” And so yeah, I’m basically friends by association with Prince now. And so are you. That’s how it works with Prince.

[Prince via Vulture]

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