RuPaul Says Donning Drag at the Met Gala Would Have Made Him Mean


Now technically, given RuPaul’s oft-stated philosophy that goes, “You’re born naked and the rest is drag,” RuPaul was in drag at this year’s Met Gala for not just wearing his birthday suit. But people, including a caller during Monday night’s Watch What Happens Live, seemed surprised that the world’s most famous drag queen opted for a male-presenting Zaldy suit at last week’s Met Gala, as opposed to a gown and wig.

Ru explained that he thought the latter choice would have been too obvious: “I thought about getting up in drags, but then I thought, ‘You know what… every man’s gonna dress as Divine from the John Waters films.’ And I thought, ‘I don’t want to be where everyone else is in drag.’ But no one dressed in drag, except for two of my [Drag Race] girls, Aquaria and Violet. And I decided I can do drag not in drag.”

Ru explained that if he were in drag, he would have been “so mean to everyone… because it hurts, I’m not getting paid, and then we sit in these very small bar mitzvah chairs, you know?” Beauty doesn’t just hurt the beautiful—it can hurt everyone around them.

Ru also said Celine Dion, in her fringe fantasia, had his favorite look of the night. Earlier in the episode, he said the widespread inability to adhere to the camp theme amongst attendees came from the fact that, “Most people don’t understand camp. It requires you to break the fourth wall, and most people don’t have it within themselves to see themselves from outside of themselves… You have to see the world from outside of yourself to understand camp and most people can’t do that.”

Also, in the episode, during the WWHL staple Plead the Fifth, fellow guest Anjelica Huston seemed to reveal that her ex Jack Nicholson’s dickolson is “very big.”

But after host Andy Cohen attempted to confirm by asking, “So he’s well endowed?” Huston replied, “Well… for the moment.” What does that mean? Is it slowly disintegrating? After the game was over, Huston said, “That was really hard. And sort of inaccurate. But we won’t go into it.” Uh… sure.

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