Russia Suspends American Adoptions • Woman Develops Sex Disorder After Falling Off Wii


Russia has suspended all adoptions to U.S. parents. This decision comes just a week after Torry Hansen, 33, sent back her 7-year-old adopted son with little explanation. Authorities say the ban will be lifted once they agree on procedures.

Here in the U.S., parents of adopted children also agree that the current procedure need to be modified. While no one has condoned Hansen’s behavior, many parents have stepped forward with stories of difficulties posed by emotionally disturbed or traumatized children, difficulties they were often not prepared to face. • Lawyers for two of the teen boys accused of raping a 7-year-old girl in Trenton, New Jersey last month are accusing the investigating officers of coercing the boys – who are 13 and 14 years old – into giving false confessions. Both boys were told that they would be allowed to leave if they confessed, and both boys have learning disabilities. They changed their stories multiple times, and lawyers argue that they were bullied by police. • New details have emerged about Engineer Barbie. Mattel has announced an online feature that will be launched this fall with the release of the new doll, which will show Barbie practicing her new career. But what will she wear? She will have casual clothes, including pink glasses and a pink top that spells “Barbie” in binary computer code, and a pink laptop and Bluetooth. We won’t lie, her t-shirt sounds rad. • J.K. Rowling on the upcoming elections, single-motherhood: “Women like me (for it is a curious fact that lone male parents are generally portrayed as heroes, whereas women left holding the baby are vilified) were, according to popular myth, a prime cause of social breakdown, and in it for all we could get: free money, state-funded accommodation, an easy life.” • Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said on Tuesday that he expects to see women on submarine crews within the next two years. 2010 graduates from the Naval Academy and college ROTC programs will be the first women to serve on subs, starting with Ohio-class subs and working their way up to smaller attack subs. Mabus says this is “absolutely the right thing to do,” as is banning cigarettes, which is another recent change for the U.S. Navy. • You know what’s awesome? Kung Fu nuns. The Tibetan Buddhists say the martial arts classes are “empowering” for women who were traditionally seen as “basically just household servants for their families or monasteries.” • Although Jane Goodall is most famous for her work with chimps, she is becoming increasingly involved with environmental activism. She has chosen not to finish the second volume of her research, opting instead to direct her focus toward larger, more global concerns. • Women who were underweight as children are more likely to develop breast cancer later in life, according to a new study. Swedish researchers also found that women who were slightly overweight as children were less likely to be diagnoses with the most aggressive types of tumors. • A 19-year-old Muslim woman from Michigan has filed a discrimination complaint against McDonald’s after she was allegedly turned down for a job because of her headscarf. She told a Detroit paper that during her interview at the restaurant she was asked whether she was going to wear “that thing.” The manager went on to tell her that she couldn’t wear the hijab while working. • Jenny Stanford has a boyfriend! According to her assistant, the former first lady of South Carolina is dating a Georgia businessman named Clay Boardman. The new couple has gone on several dates in Charleston and were spotted together at the Masters golf tournament in Augusta. • Dr. LeRoy Carhart, a late-term abortion provider with a clinic in Bellevue, says two abortion bills recently passed by the Nebraska legislature have only strengthened his resolve to offer women as many options as possible. He called the laws “anti-woman” and says he will continue to fight for women’s reproductive rights. • Australia Chief Justice Jim Spigelman come out in opposition to Aboriginal tribal laws – including honor crimes and forced marriages – that discriminate against women: “There are important racial, ethnic and religious minorities in Australia who come from nations with sexist traditions which, in some respects, are even more pervasive than those of the West,” he said last night. • As much as we love Michelle Obama, sometimes the “news” is just plain boring: Mrs. O recently told reporters that she talks with her daughters about their internet habits. Breitbart reports: “Mrs. Obama tells that when she was growing up, the Internet didn’t exist. She called her friends on the phone.” • A 24-year-old woman claims she developed “persistent sexual arousal syndrome” after falling off her Wii Fit Balance Board. She says the slightest of vibrations are enough to turn her on. We’re not sure you can blame the Wii, seeing as they are just two inches high. •

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