Samantha Jones Has Officially Penetrated The Carrie Diaries


Samantha Jones has made her first appearance on The Carrie Diaries! It was announced back in July that Lindsay Gort would be joining the cast as the baby version New York City’s punniest, most unshamable slut (that’s highest compliment I can give, by the way) and here she is — tiger crop tops, big hair, cock jokes and all!

Gort is looking fierce as the young Jones and whoever cast her deserves a big bonus for choosing someone who looks so much like Sam Jones O.G., Kim Cattrall. The character could probably be a little raunchier, but the show is marketed towards young teens, so maybe a limit on cum jokes is a good thing.

By the end of Gort’s first episode, Samantha had unofficially moved in with Carrie — a very exciting development for those of you who watch this show for little girls.

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