Sarah Huckabee Sanders Desperately Tries, Fails to Dunk on Bud Light

"Real women don't fake it," says the Arkansas governor's deeply cringey parody ad for anti-woke beer koozies.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Desperately Tries, Fails to Dunk on Bud Light
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Just as it’s cliche to share a headline with the caveat, “This is not The Onion,” occasionally a video segment prompts the question, “How is this not an SNL skit?”

Sunday evening, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) tweeted a video aiming to dunk on Bud Light for partnering with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. A fine effort on Sarah’s part to try to be funny, but unfortunately, she is and will always be the butt of the joke.

I have to applaud the folks behind this. As far as conservative humor goes, it’s one of their better executions. There’s a consistent tone (something that often proves difficult for them), and while it is ultimately hateful and transphobic, it isn’t as ribald as the right tends to go. But it still doesn’t remotely land the punchline.

Let’s take a short inventory some of the cringe here: a silhouette of a woman with a haircut so uneven it looks like a toddler took scissors to her head; “Real women of politics” sung like Maya Rudolph covering a country ballad; a voiceover saying that Huckabee Sanders, decked in cargo jumpsuit and holding a rifle in a swamp next to her dog, is “doing real things;” the woman at the end holding both a beer and a wine glass—how are things going, babe? Actually, wait, both of the women at the end are holding wine glasses. So they don’t even drink beer?? Doesn’t that complicate the already convoluted point this video is trying to make? If I cared more I would try to untangle it, but I simply do not!

No one is walking away from viewing this clip thinking the “real women” who refuse to drink Bud Light because a trans woman drank the same beer are the heroes here. A safe bet is that if you’re the side cheers-ing brand-less beer bottles into the sunset or packing a dried fish carcass into a cardboard box (certainly some FDA standards being skirted here), you are the one being made fun of.

I would not be surprised if whoever produced this video is pulling a fast one on these governors. All orgasm jokes aside, writing out the words “Real women don’t fake it” over a video you absolutely fake-laughed your way through is comedy gold! I love it. No notes.

Ultimately, I’m glad to see Chucklebee Slanders is able to partake in humor after the harrowing 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner where she—then Donald Trump’s press secretary—threatened to make comedy illegal because Michelle Wolf joked about her smokey eye. It takes a real woman to show so much growth.

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