Sarah Palin Keynote Speaker For NRA • Jaycee Dugard Sues For Damages


• Hunting enthusiast Sarah Palin continues to play to her Real American base: she will be giving the keynote speech at the upcoming annual NRA meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina.

• Mrs. Palin is also speaking out about the healthcare summit that took place in Washington yesterday, telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity that President Obama’s “dissing” of Senator John McCain was uppity “arrogant” of him. • Jaycee Dugard and her family are suing the state of California for “various lapses” by its corrections department. They claim the failure of parole agents to discover Jaycee in Phillip Garrido’s backyard led to psychological, physical, and emotional damages in excess of $25,000. • The Oklahoma House has passed a bill that would ban women selling their eggs because they say women are being injured by the procedure. Women would still be allowed to donate their eggs, but if a woman sells her eggs, her doctor will have his or her license revoked. • A UK advertising firm has developed a billboard that smells like dog food. Dogs have “gone wild” for the scented ads, which come in 15 different fragrances. • Burmese pro-democracy leader, Suu Kyi has lost an appeal for her freedom. Suu Kyi has been held on house arrest for the better part of the past two decades. Suu Kyi’s supporters had hoped that she would be freed in time for elections, but the junta has yet to set a date. • Residents of Derby County have voted to name a new stretch of road “Lara Croft Way.” The name is a tribute to Core Designs, the company that created the famous treasure-hunter. • A study from the University of California, Los Angeles found that about 25% of single women between the ages of 50 and 64 don’t have health insurance. That’s twice the uninsured rate of married women in the same age range. • Researchers found that girls diagnosed with ADHD were more likely to suffer from antisocial, mood, anxiety, developmental and eating disorders as adults when compared to women never diagnosed with ADHD, even though 93 percent of the women had received treatment. • A study found that male and female volunteers rated people in pictures as more desirable when they were shown next to an attractive mate. Men were interested in attractive women no matter who they were standing with, but women found the men in pictures less desirable if they were standing next to an unattractive woman. • A large-scale study out of Sweden has found that there is a link between the number of children a woman has and the probability she will develop heart problems. Women who have given birth four times are at a 30% greater risk for heart disease and women who have had five or more children are at a 60% greater risk. • Doctors believe they’ve developed a new type of silicone for breast implants – nicknamed “the gummy bears” – which is thick enough to hold shape and viscous enough that they will not leak if ruptured. Plastic surgeons are also working to make the procedure shorter and recovery easier. • According to a new survey, British women will spend an average of £4,000 on handbags in their lifetime. They also found that most women have around 17 different purses at any one time. “It seems it is important for women to have a bag for every occasion, and even for every outfit, to make sure they are always coordinated,” said a spokesperson for • There’s a new anti-wrinkle product that has been described as “Botox in a bottle” for its instantaneous skin-tightening properties. Glamoxy Rodial mimics the effects of viper’s venom, and is already a favorite of Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, and Kate Moss. • A group of seniors became curious about a place called the Evil Olive that they drove by on day trips from the nursing home. They did a little research and eventually organized a trip to the biker bar, which, naturally, required a makeover for the ladies. “These women were serious, man,” said Evil Olive General Manager Eric Bollard. “They showed up with pink hair and skull caps.” • Soon men will be able to purchase over-the-counter fertility tests. The test is 96% accurate and will retail for around $25. • A family court judge has said that they plan to sign off on Jenny Sanford’s request for a divorce from her cheating husband. Stanford will be the first sitting governor to divorce in South Carolina. • Hundreds of Hungarian families without grandparents are using the Adopt a Countryside Granny program, which matches city families with elderly people in the countryside. The families make their own deals with the grannies, with some making trades like physical jobs for childcare and others paying for the service. •

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