Saturday Night Live's International Siblings


Last weekend marked the debut of Saturday Night Live JPN, Japan’s collaboration with Broadway Video to create a version of the show that’s really, quite an awful lot like the American version. For starters, check out the eerily familiar intro above — is that Don Pardo announcing?

But Japan is not the only foreign country who has dabbled in the land of SNL; both Spain and Italy have tried to launch their own versions. Spain’s edition of the show — which ultimately failed — aired on Thursday nights, not Saturdays, and opted to copy a few successful American sketches, though not quite perfectly so: “I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell” isn’t quite as funny when it’s not coming from the mouth of Christoper Walken.

Elsewhere in Europe, Saturday Night Live From Milano is alive and kicking. The show is entering its fourth season, and judging from the clips we watched, the show roughly follows SNL‘s formula. Just one question: will they get hip to the Digital Shorts? Every country deserves a dick in the box.

[Via Punchline Magazine, Splitsider]

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