Selfie Loathing: Lupita Nyong'o Even Looks Amazing in a Bathrobe


Welcome back to Selfie Loathing! every Friday we round up star-posted photos into one easily digestible full-of-fiber snack. This week: Rihanna is in a bikini in Brazil; Madonna doesn’t let an injury keep her from her workout routine; and Lupita Nyong’o is glam even in a bathrobe. Celebrity Instagrams, presented without comment. Enjoy.

#brazil #iloveyou

Sometimes people ask me for a pic after a lil chat and I think wait, so that interaction we just had wasn’t like, enough? Well situations like this, I get it now. Couldn’t have been more tactless to get this, so thanks @hannibalburess for your patience. I just HAD to man. Huge fan.

Caught my Golden Globes date @nlyonne stealing free cigarettes. Can’t take her anywhere. #goldenglobes#cigsforthepeople

Still in dis damn tux @lenadunham, ME and @kerrywashington…..I ain’t never takin this Tux off!!! Lol

What an incredible day in LA- A full spectrum of individuals: #yearsproject panel , Critic’s Choice Awards, met amazing change making creatives From Ford Motors and The Audience- meeting truly amazing people, hung with my bosses, my brothers, my manager and plotted to make the world so much better… Glass of wine to come down off of an insane 24 hrs of work and travel.Land in Atl and go straight to Vampire Diaries set in the morning… However, please let me thank YOU. Thank you for making this life and this experience truly truly magical… All of you ISF Family I saw today- thank you thank thank you Good night

All I wanna do is BANG BANG BANG BANG and KA CHING and take your coffee

Photoshootn’ @bartolistyle @lauren_andersen

OMG my dress for Ellen just broke!!! I have to leave in 5mins…I need help! Should I wear this???

Ok found my look! Thank God! I ran out of time….off to the taping #phew #thedrama #anxiety

Suiting up as John Bennett for my last scene of #oitnbseason 2. #ImAWeirdo FYI again- this is NOT a spoiler and indicates nothing about plot or when the show will be released (which noone knows the answer to)

God bless baby girl

Strike a pose @hm#twins #work #fun @mr_stephengalloway ������ Faça uma pose @hm #gêmeos #trabalho #diversão

In the blink of an eye everything can change! Why waste time? #artforfreedom

Sending you a sweaty kiss post workout#hardcandyfitness Get ready Toronto were gonna wreck you from the inside!

Inventing a new workout on crutches! Waking up new Neuro transmitters is always fun! #nothingcanstopme

Snack before the globes

Another days work on #AHS#coven.

Bow and arrow shooting with a Maasai warrior at sunset…Willson is amazing! #metowetrips

Soaking in as much sun as I can get ☀️ #Kenya

Wesssssssssssssssss @jheneaiko

Too much swimming = silver hair…. And I don’t hate it….

2014… feeling healthy, feeling rested.. Y’all ain’t ready!!!! ������ #NEONLIGHTSTOUR


Back to the world and proof that I’m alive. Love LK

Cuz I’m cmn for uuuuuuuuuu ooohhhhhhh oooooohhhhhhhh

Happy 21st bday @liltwist!!!!! Sux @tezzington claims he didn’t have my new nmbr to invite me to your lil shindig. *Sits in my closet and pretends to be at Twist bday party* what u want for ya bday boy? Lemme hit up Rodeo ����������* I’m a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch ������ Lol love u babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

@kellyosbourne and I giving u backseat Destiny’s Child Tea

Gay date.

Having a hair moment.

THANK YOU ALL for your birthday wishes i loved them. Means A Lot!! 21 Woohoo!!! Love you all! ZAYN x 🙂

mandatory selfie con amy y tina#eredcarpet

The one guy in hollywood i have no problem posing next to, @kevinhart4real.#shortguyproblems

With #CeCeMcDonald@free_CeCe. I feel so privileged to have gotten to share space and stories with you CeCe. You look so beautiful but you always do. #FreeCeCe#girlslikeus#twoc#becauseofCeCe#CeCeFreed#oitnb@oitnb

At a beach before before gig. #bliasdellarena


Hats and stuff #hatsandstuff

The best #GlamSquad ever. #GoldenGlobes @dilokritbarose @deborahlippmann @larryjarahsims @micaelaerlanger

#GoldenGlobes Checklist: meet my acting heroine #CateBlanchett – DOUBLE TRIPLE CHECK! #GameOver

Gratitude is one of the least articulate of the emotions, especially when it is deep – Felix Franfurter.#AcademyAwards @foxsearchlight #12YearsASlave #nofilter

My favorite photo of the night at Broadcast Critics Award. Lupita N’Yongo.. #12yearsaslave

horizontal in the vehicle

#GoldenGlobes Selfies are required.

Check out the @joshuakanebespoke trailer … directed by Oleg Tolstoy @olegtolstoy , music composed by Markus Anderson @makandersson full length coming soon #tailored #takeover #joshuakanebespoke #jimmyq #killinit bespokebandit s#weouthere #firstvideo #thegoodlife #motion #thelifeofjimmyq

Time for #GoldenGirls- I mean #GilmoreGirls- dammit #GoldenGlobes! #AComedyShowWithoutTheTwoDrinkMinimum #WhatsTheScore

@nicobocale #markuslupfer ❤️

Off to have a Lil fun ! Cuz a girl deserves it ! Be right back Chicago

Sound and the fury behind the scenes photo by @iristorres9

My favorite song !!!! – Geto boyz – my mind is playin tricks – 1990z!!!


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