Selfie Stick Shuts Down Ride at Theme Park


If you choose to torture yourself at one of Disney’s theme parks this summer, there’s something in particular you should try to avoid—selfie stick users. At the California Screamin’ ride at Disney California Adventure, a passenger thought it was a good idea to pull out their selfie stick right before the attraction’s 108-foot drop. They didn’t get their money shot because operators had to stop the entire ride—leaving the passengers stuck at the top of the coaster for an hour.

Selfie sticks are allowed in the park, but not on Disneyland attractions, reports The Orange County Register. In recent months, Disney has been cracking down on their rules for the trendy photography tool by installing signs announcing the ban, as well as training their employees to inform visitors to keep them out of sight.

During my tween years, I went to a carnival and got stuck, upside-down, at the very top of a ride. Though it was probably just a few minutes, I was holding onto the lap bar and freaking out badly enough that my nails left a deep imprint in my palms (they were long and glorious talons even back then.) I can’t imagine being stuck over 100 feet in the air because some piece of shit wanted to take a photo of themselves. People just keep pushing the limits in this era of narcissistic documentation. Perhaps it means we are getting closer to the selfie-apocalypse.

The identity of the selfie stick-offender was not released, but now they know that Disney is watching them, and always will be.

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