Sex Strikes Do Work, If You Want to Get a Road Fixed


In the small town of Barbacoas, Colombia, women stopped having sex with their men because they wanted a road fixed. An important road, one that connects them to the rest of Colombia. They called it the “crossed legs movement” and it worked!

According to PRI, the road is in “terrible condition” – so bad that “it takes them 12 to 14 hours to get to the nearest hospital.” Reporter John Otis found that a 12 sick patients have died on the road and “even pregnant women have died in the back of ambulances, trying to get to a hospital to give birth,” which takes this pretty funny story into totally not funny territory.

Luckily, the sex strike – the second they’ve attempted over this road in the past few years – seems to have worked, and repairs have begun by the Army Corps of Engineers. Otis told PRI that sex strikes are usually had because they get lots of media attention (HELLO YES WE ARE HERE) and “embarrass people into taking action.” They’re usually not incredibly effective when it comes to getting big things done, but maybe for smaller projects, we should all reconsider the sex strike.

In one Colombian town, women say no sex until their demands are met [PRI]

Image via Carlos Villalon/Getty

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