'Shark Week' Is Your New Favorite Rap Track About Menstrual Blood


“My bed looks like the elevator from the shining… Contemplate, don’t hate/Cause I look like Sharon Tate/or a piece of rare steak/when I masturbate.” Just a few of the many amazing lines in “Shark Week,” a track by a group of rappers called Hand Job Academy.

Kat Stoeffel at The Cut spoke with the ladies, who are:

Lil T, a.k.a. Meg Skaff, a 23-year-old filmmaker who also directed the “Shark Week” video; Clara Bizna$$, a.k.a. Claire Beaudreault, a professional nail artist who describes herself as “younger than Danny Brown but older than Riff Raff”; and Ash Wednesday, 26, a kindergarten teacher by day who for that reason will be identified by her rap name only.

The group raised $3,000 on kickstarter to make the video, which involved a lot of fake blood capsules from a Halloween store. Ash explains,”It’s not just about periods. It’s about owning your period.” Claire says: “I did The Artist’s Way and the universe told me write a rap song.” And: “In light of the whole Pussy Riot situation, I’m so glad we can do and say whatever the fuck we want, and we’re not going to get thrown in jail. How awesome is that?” The answer is very. It’s very awesome. As awesome as “Feels like a werewolf is living in my uterus.”

[The Cut]

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