Shia LaBeouf's Permanent Mistake

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  • As you’ll recall, Shia LaBeouf injured his hand in a car crash in July 2008. He says: “I’ll never be back to 100 percent or have full recovery.” And:

“I can’t zipper my zipper or button my shirt without extreme pain. But I chalk it up as my own s—-. These things had to happen. This accident is what I needed in my life. I’m not in control. For the first time, I can admit that and know that. I’m a fallible individual, and the hand is like a tattoo that says MISTAKE. It’s something I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life.” [People via Playboy]

  • “When I first started the role of Wolverine, back for the first X-Men movie, I watched a lot of Mike Tyson videos in my trailer,” says Hugh Jackman.”The way he just goes straight in. I kept saying to the writers, ‘Don’t give me long, choreographed fights for the sake of it. Don’t make the fights pretty.’ Like Tyson, if Wolverine wants to take your . . . head off, he’s going to do it.” [LA Times]
  • Even though Tyra Banks‘ stalker was found guilty, he won’t go to jail: He’ll “get help” for his “unhealthy obsession.” [NY Daily News, NY Post]
  • Madonna is not leaving her kids with Guy Ritchie while she tours this summer in Europe. She Twittered: “They go where I go.” [Perez, The Star]
  • Michael Jackson is afraid to fly to the UK because he’s terrified of SWINE FLU. [Telegraph]
  • This was in Midweek Madness, but here it is again: When Chris Brown calls her producer looking for her, Rihanna says, “Tell him I’m not here.” [OK!]
  • Lindsay Lohan is being painted as “desperate” and “crafty”: She has arranged to be in London next month at the same time as Samantha Ronson. LL will be doing a shoot for British Vogue; Sam is headed to do a series of DJ gigs. [Daily Mail]
  • This report claims that Lindsay Lohan is such a train wreck, Harry Morton, who dated her 3 years ago about bought her an engagement ring, now sorta denies it: “I didn’t really date her . . . I really didn’t,” the Hard Rock Café heir says. “It’s embarrassing being known for that. I’d like to be known for stuff I’ve created or things I’ve done. I don’t want to be known for that. No way.” [Page Six]
  • Andy Samberg once found $5,000 extra in his bank account. He assumed it was an error. After four months, nothing happened, so he kept it. [Gatecrasher]
  • Nadya Suleman, mother of octuplets, is adding to her posse of little mouths to feed: She’s getting a shih tzu. [MSNBC]
  • Sandra Bullock is being inducted into the Warren Easton High School hall of fame later this month. She’s donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Louisiana school since Katrina ravaged the area in 2005. A spokesman from the school says: “Sandra did not attend Warren Easton High School, but we proudly claim her as one of our own.” [Daily Express]
  • Sad face: Singer Kelis, who is 7 months pregnant, has filed for divorce from her husband, the rapper Nas. [TMZ, People, NY Daily News]
  • Q.You play the villain Nero in Star Trek. How would he fare against another bad guy you’ve played, Chopper? In a steel cage match, who wins? Eric Bana: Ohhh, goodness. Well…I’ll say Chopper. [Laughs] But who knows? [EW]
  • Hayden Panettiere has auditioned to be Chace Crawford‘s leading lady in the Footloose remake. They’re both so large eyed and pretty, it’s gonna be tough to focus on the singing and dancing. Oh, yeah, the movie is a full-blown musical. [E!]
  • It’s hard to even read this story without bursting into laughter at the picture of Robert Pattinson in his Dali moustache. And then the headline has the words “gay sex scenes.” LOL. [LA Times]
  • Kanye West‘s new book, Thank You And You’re Welcome, is out now. Here is a snippet: “Love your haters. They’re your biggest fans!” And: “Never complain without offering a solution! I’m often seen as complaining in situations when I lose. I see it more as an explanation of why I should have won.” []
  • Ousted ANTM contestant Fo (my fave!) is pissed that she was sent home: “Honestly, I don’t want to sound too bitchy or catty, but I do think Celia [Ammerman] should’ve gone home before me, or instead of me, because I can put on a pair of six-inch heels and be tall, [but she] can’t change. Age isn’t something you can drastically change.” [E!]
  • Roman Polanski has not taken any steps to surrender next week: He’s due in US court if he wants his case examined, but if he sets foot on US soil, he faces immediate arrest as a fugitive. He has not contacted the court or the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. [LA Times]
  • Rebecca Romijn Lost 60 Lbs. after Twins – Without Exercise!” [People]
  • Jada Pinkett returns to TV for the first time since the ’90s with a TNT show HawthoRNe, in which she plays a hospital nursing director. [USA Today]
  • Real Housewives gossip: Jill Zarin was “acting like a total nightmare” in a high-end boutique. [Page Six]
  • Mary-Kate Olsen‘s boyfriend, Nate Lowman, has created a piece of art which mocks Lizze Grubman‘s SUV accident, an its in the MOMA. Grubman says: “I don’t understand how a picture of me during a tragic time in my life can be considered art.” [Page Six]
  • Jim Carrey is in talks to star in The Beaver, a flick which “enters on the relationship between a man and a beaver puppet he wears on his arm, which he talks to and treats as a companion.” [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Here’s video of Johnny Knoxville discussing the documentary he produced, The Wild And Wonderful Whites Of West Virginia. The Whites are a family known for wreaking havoc. [NY Times]
  • A newspaper in NJ is mad that Jay Leno made fun of their headlines: Page on claimed “School taxes going up” and page two’s headline was “School Taxes Going Down.” A spokesperson for the paper said: “Apparently Jay and the NBC folks didn’t bother to read the actual stories, and instead got a great laugh out of what they thought was some kind of hilarious blunder on our part. Two different school districts. Two different tax situations. Is it really that complicated?” [Poynter]
  • Miranda Kerr is not engaged to Orlando Bloom or publicly trying to get pregnant, but she was pestered by a reporter into saying that she eventually wants kids. Then she was asked about Heidi Klum‘s pregnancy. [E!]
  • “It looks like Linda Hogan isn’t the only thing her 19-year-old boyfriend is allowed to ride — a judge just blocked the Hulkster’s attempt to keep the youngster from driving his cars too.” You stay classy, TMZ. [TMZ]
  • Farrah Fawcett‘s son Redmond O’Neal will enter rehab instead of going to jail. [People]
  • Leonard Nimoy will receive a “special gong” at this year’s Saturn Awards, given out by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. [Mirror]
  • Trivia! Elliott Gould is the only non-Muppet actor to be in two separate Muppet movies. [BlackBook]
  • Blind item! “Which closeted TV icon should be more careful about whom he dates? He has been squiring an infamous gay bartender around town, and everyone’s noticing.” [Gatecrasher]
  • “Everybody has a little mischief in them – I do. I like to live on the edge a little bit, and other times I think I’m boring and passive like everybody else. I’ve been working 15 months straight, so these days I feel like all I can do is have a day at work and then go to bed.” — Ryan Reynolds. [Mirror]
  • “I’ve been very fortunate to get to know both Schreiber brothers very well.” — Carla Gugino, who has done nude scenes with both Pablo and Liev Schreiber. [NY Mag]
  • “If you ever catch your present girlfriend at a sex shop with her two ex-boyfriends and they’re examining dildos, she’s not the right one for you.” — Breckin Meyer. [GQ]
  • “All these random little stories become someway, somehow newsworthy, so you have to be very secretive about everything.” — Robert Pattinson. [E!]
  • “I think that my song selections are a little more hip. I know they’re more uptempo. They’re funky, they’re sassy, they’ve got attitude.” — Reba McEntire, who says last year’s tour with Kelly Clarkson changed her perspective. [USA Today]
  • “I loved rock’n’roll but there’s got to be something behind the rock’n’roll. There had to be. We found, of course, that it was the blues. And, therefore, if you really want to learn the basics, then you’ve got to do some homework. We all felt there was a certain gap in our education, so we all scrambled back to the 20s and 30s to figure out how Charlie Patton did this, or Robert Johnson, who, after all, was and still probably is the supremo. Blues didn’t just mean doing one thing or another — there was a lot of room to manoeuvre around the blues.” — Keith Richards. [Guardian]
  • “It’s been two years since I washed my hair.” — Prince Harry. [The Sun]
  • From Heidi Montag‘s Twitter: “im so sad to leave mexico! im ready to get out of the pig flue country though… We landed!! Now I am just praying for health!” Also, she thanks God for her “soul mate,” Spencer. [People, HeidiMontag’s Twitter]
  • “When I was four, my dad was performing with Aretha Franklin and, even though he made sure I was backstage with the nanny, I wanted to get up there and dance so much that I ran on to the stage. I was passed around all these great artists and Aretha held on to me so tight. All I wanted to do was entertain.” — Miley Cyrus. [Daily Mail]
  • “It’s interesting, the older I get the younger they get. When I was younger they were all 50 and 60. I’m going to stop there though. I’m heading into dangerous territory if I get any younger.” — Michelle Pfeiffer, on her costars. [Daily Express]
  • “I’m trying to get [two-year-old son] Kingston to listen to the No Doubt records. He didn’t know the No Doubt records, so now I’m forcing him to listen to them, and I think he’s going to get into it if I can get him to stop listening to Miley Cyrus. He’s listening to the Disney Channel a lot. But I think [nine-month-old son] Zuma is more of a No Doubt fan than King is.” — Gwen Stefani. [Mirror via MTV]
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