So Long, Farewell, Let's All Go Have Some Cake


On October 4, 2008, after about four panic attacks and three cans of Red Bull, the first Weekend Jezebel post appeared. Two years later, Weekend Jezebel is still going strong, but it’s time for me to say goodbye.

I have loved being your Weekend Editor, and though I will miss it dearly, I’ve decided it’s time to move on in order to spend a little more time with my family and friends. But Weekend Jezebel will continue with a kickass rotating crew of writers, starting with Katy Kelleher next weekend, and that’s just all kinds of awesome.

Before I go, I’d like to thank a few people: Anna Holmes and Jessica Coen, for being amazing women to work for, all of the Jezebel staffers both past and present, for being amazing women to work with, all of the moderators, who have been a tremendous help and source of much laughter (including the great MorningGloria, who will be taking over as your main moderator), Natalie Dee, for always being so cool about letting me use her comics for our open threads, my friends and family for their patience and support and willingness to deliver candy, the fine makers of various energy drinks and sugar-based food sources for helping me stay energized while remaining a total blogger cliche, sexyface, for being a solid nemesis, and finally the readers and commenters: I will miss you all, even those of you who, despite all evidence to the contrary, continue to foolishly believe that pie is better than cake.

I leave you with this beautiful image of a unicorn made of cake, to remind you all that dreams do come true. Thank you for spending your weekends with me—should you want to keep in touch, you can find me via email, or occasionally on Twitter, and I’ll surely see you in the comments at some point, as well.

As a totally fictional Abraham Lincoln once said: “Be excellent to each other.”

Wth lv,

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