Sofia Coppola to Direct Live-Action Version of The Little Mermaid


As we can’t let a day go by without finding out that some important cultural relic has been reworked, rewritten or just plain ruined, Universal Pictures announced that they’ll be releasing a live-action version of your best friend’s favorite story from childhood (you really preferred The Jungle Book) The Little Mermaid.

Deadline reports that Caroline Thompson of Edward Scissorhands is rewriting a script previously worked on by Kelly Marcel of Fifty Shades of Grey. (I can imagine the dialogue now: “Oooo Prince Eric….how creative of you, choosing to use the ropes from my dress made out of sails for our sexual role play.)

Also on the project is everyone’s favorite Marie Antoinette-interpreting director Sofia Coppola, who is “negotiations” with the studio. The choice to hire Coppola indicates that this Little Mermaid could be similar in tone to the recent (somewhat dark) live-action versions of Snow White and the Huntsman or Maleficent. But as there’s no information about the scope of this project, the film could very well feature a man dressed in a suit as Sebastian the crab ala the 1989 Disney movie. It could even take tips from the 1961 version that starred Shirley Temple. Start your casting wish lists now.

Image via Disney

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