Sorry, Mom: "The Worst Dudes" Exposed On Tumblr


Have you ever felt a need to apologize for some of the people you’ve hooked up with? The authors of “I Bang The Worst Dudes,” do, posting pictures of past hookups with explanations attached.

“Sorry Mom,” the anonymous authors write, documenting hookups by posting pictures (the identity of said hookups is protected by a black bar over their faces) and attempting to explain the logic behind what the author clearly believes were pretty bad decisions. Some guys are lucky enough to escape the picture posting, and a picture of a Summer’s Eve box, as seen above, is put in place to represent their douchiness instead.

For what it’s worth, both Anna and I think this blog is probably fake and a giant joke, (though maybe not, judging by some of your comments) but it’s hard not to laugh at such hookup explanations as “He carried a clear purse that had condoms, powder, a toothbrush and deodorant. He came over to my hotel room for an after party and brought a stripper friend who got in bed with my mom and licked her nipple before passing out in the bathtub. I was so drunk when we did it that I thought I wouldn’t remember him. Unfortunately, I do.”

Most of the guys are terrible in bed, carriers of STDs, or just douchebags in general, which means either a. Anna and I are correct in thinking this is just a joke, or b. the authors (and you are welcome to submit your own!) really do bang the worst dudes. If nothing else, the blog is pretty funny and worth a look. Unless you see a guy you’re dating on there, and then it’s probably time to run.

[I Bang The Worst Dudes]

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