Sure Enough, Law and Order: SVU Is Doing a Duggar Episode 


As was inevitable from the moment news of molestation accusations broke, SVU is doing an episode that appears to be inspired by the Duggars’ fall from grace.

That’s according to E! News. Of course, it’s not ripped from the headlines, so much as it’s a very imaginative retelling of an overheard conversation about a conversation about the headlines:

In “Patrimonial Burden,” the Wednesday, Nov. 4, episode of the long-running NBC drama, the squad investigates a famous reality TV family after it’s discovered the 13-year-old daughter is pregnant. Naturally, there’s a web of secrets at play in with this virtuous family….In the episode, Sieber and Carr play husband and wife with 10 children. Not as many as 19, but hey, that’d be a big guest starring cast.


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