Swingers Parties Are Another Casualty Of The Recession


Perhaps the greatest tragedy to emerge from the international financial crisis is the drop in attendance at swingers’ parties. Why? “If you want to save money, you can stay home and get laid for free.”

It’s a bad time to be in the swinging game. The roving swingers’ party DDeviousDelights — that’s not a typo; that’s what it’s called — has seen attendance go down 40% this year. “One Leg Up” has lost 20% of its swingin’ clientele since 2007. SINsation, and Sexxy Mofo, if you can believe it, are feeling the pinch too. High-end stationary clubs, meanwhile, are doing even worse.

Says DDevious’ founder to the Daily News,”They used to say sex was an industry that was not affected by the recession — that’s not true…Everybody — A to Z in the sex-related industries — is feeling the pinch.”

Bucking the trend is budget swinger’s club Behind Closed Doors, which has a worryingly cheap $30 membership fee. Their membership is up. Which goes to show that swingers will find a way. And the article does not go into whether there’s been an upswing in scrappy, old-fashioned DIY swinging, but let’s just say a quick glance at Craigslist supports this hypothesis. Of course, like anything done at home, it’s at your own risk.

NYC Swingers Sex Parties Are Feeling The Pinch Of The Tough Economy
[NY Daily News]

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