Taco Bell Finally Reveals What's In Its "Meat"

In Depth

For years, Taco Bell has revealed that their meat consists of 88% beef and 12%…other stuff. Today, we finally have an answer as to the contents of the mystery beef-esque slurry.

Apparently, the answer is…drumroll please…chemicals. Just a whole lot of weirdly-named polysyllabic lab concoctions. Stuff like Maltodextrin, Soy Lecithin, Torula Yeast, and Sodium Phosphates. Basically, stuff on the back of every single package of chewing gum you’ve ever bought.

Assuming this is true, it’s a hell of an anti-climax. If it’s just chemicals, which is honestly the best thing anyone could hope for, why the hell did they never reveal what was in there until now? Then again, maybe I’m just disappointed they didn’t reveal that I’ve been eating 12% unicorn meat tacos for years now. Way to kill a man’s dreams, Taco Bell.

Image via AP.

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