Taylor's 'Wildest Dreams' Is Out of Africa with an Old Hollywood Twist


Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” video is here (“finally!” – someone, I’m sure) and it’s the exact African safari paradise that we were promised! Lions! Elephants! Shirtless Scott Eastwood! And, bizarrely, nary a black person in sight.

The video, premiering at the MTV VMAs and directed by Joseph Kahn, tells an Out of Africa-inspired tale of two actors who fall in love while shooting an adventure/romance on the Serengeti. Sure, it’s all passion and desire while on location (isn’t it funny how wild things get in Africa?), but once back in Hollywood and shooting on a soundstage, our poor lovelorn colonizers just can’t get it together. Sigh.

By the way, as announced at the end of the video, all proceeds made by “Wildest Dreams” will be “donated to animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America.” Very kind of you, Taylor, but you know that animals can’t take sides in your feud with Katy Perry.

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