Terrifyingly Beautiful Black Swan Opening Soon


If merely witnessing Natalie Portman radiate out of the movie screen as she dodges evil looks from Mila Kunis wasn’t enough to get you to buy tickets to see Black Swan on opening night (December 3), perhaps one or more of these intriguing scenarios depicted in the trailer will convince you.

1. Natalie is en pointe for a lot of the film—to prepare for the role, she “hyper” trained for five hours a day for six months doing ballet and swimming.

2. Natalie is surprised whilst submerged in a bathtub, channeling Glenn Close’s bunny-boiler from Fatal Attraction in her fatal scene. But Natalie’s the bunny in this case.

3. Natalie violently masturbates face-down on a mattress under the gazes of two creepy stuffed bunnies. For real.

4. Natalie makes out with Mila!

5. Natalie starts to feather. And we don’t mean her hair.

See it all for yourself below, then be sure to check out Black Swan, in theaters on December 3!

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